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New life in the basement


In a remodeled studio-workshop that officially opened in November 2016 _nannatextiles fabric designs or fiber art is “crafted” in an open and light space of approx. 120 m². It is the basement of a beautiful historical 1920s stone building located in the creative district of Stuttgart, in the western part of town. From the Stuttgart main train station it takes only 7 minutes to reach the Arndt-/Spittastr.-stop. The buses 40 and 42 drive close by.

The entrance is tucked away in the very corner of the back yard. Textile-enthusiasts come to join Japanese dyeing courses, modern-day embroidery that resembles darning, print-classes and other textile technique workshops. Also, the Studio Talks (Werkstattgespräch) have become popular. It started with Nanna's report on basho-fiber-winning in February 2017, a Japanese textile tradition from Okinawa. She learnt it during an intensive workshop in September 2016.

Introducing international textile themes, exploring and researching aspects of regional textile heritage settings and closely following current cultural (textile) developments are, to name a few, objectives of Nanna's textile activity. Her aim is to expand and enrich ways of looking "with textile eyes” and to share her understanding with others. Unfortunately she lags behind in keeping this website up-dated. Please bear with her - she is a one-woman-show.
(The German site contains the most current and detailed information. Please ask google-translator for assistance or send Nanna an e-mail.)


Views of Studio-Workshop

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In _program available courses and activities are listed (in German, if Nanna has not had time to get everything translated). In _archive, which you find under _program, you can check on past activities and events. Some of the educators come from other parts of Germany or Europe. Sometimes English is the teaching language. In the Nanna-run classes, there is no difference if you are a native English- or German-speaker. Nanna feels, that the common method of communication is actually the “textile language" and that is non-verbal! This she truly believes. So, feel free to sign up, though a course is offered in German. Nanna promises, you will grasp the essential textile knowledge anyway. (For online-bookings is is essential to know German. This is an unfortunate nuisance. It relates to the fact that _nannatextiles is registered in Germany, where German is the only (legal) language of communication. If you have difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact Nanna by writing an e-mail.)


Atelier_Shop and Exhibitions - every now and then

People strolling the streets want to peek in to find out what _nannatextiles in the basement is all about. It is not apparent to everyone that there is no shop, thus there are no opening-hours.

In September 2017 Nanna joined the event "Schätze des Westens" (Jewels of the West) for the first time. Numerous neighboring studios and workshops had "open house". A favorable article in the Stuttgart-newspaper mobilized the readers to visit Nanna's new studio-workshop. It was packed … and truly a memorable expreience.
In December Nanna used to open on two to three afternoons to present projects of the past year. People came by to buy gift certificates or inquire about upcoming courses. Some just wanted to say "hello". Last year Nanna did not manage to organize Christmas-Open-Doors. This falls, on 26 September 2020 from 11am - 5pm, _nannatextiles again joins "Schätze des Westens". Please come by.

In Spring 2018 Nanna introduced her "2nd-life-textile 2018: swabian weaving meets scandinavian chair" during the "European Days of Crafts", a joint happening across Europe. Some months later the chair-object was premiered at the State Crafts Exhibition at Castle Meersburg.

Nanna is a member of BdK, Bund der Kunsthandwerker Baden-Württemberg e.V. since her graduation (2016) in Textil Design (M.A.) from the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. The COVID-19-Virus made it impossible to carry out the "European Days of Crafts" in Spring 2019. Let's keep our fingers crossed that April 2020 will happen and is double-the-fun.

Nanna is hoping to be chosen - two jurys decide - to take part in this year's "Landesausstellung Kunsthandwerk", the official crafts exhibition of the state of Baden-Württemberg, that is run on a bi-annual basis since 1947. This year's exhibition will take place in Karlsruhe (Regierungspräsidium, Karl-Friedrich-Str. 17). The launch is in late September and it runs till 25 October.

And in spring 2022 the 75th anniversary-exhibtion of the Crafts Association is organized in Stuttgart. Nanna is keen on participating ...